Agriliance Glyphosate Adjuvant Study. 03-10C-E90 1
Precision Labs Glyphosate Adjuvant Study. 03-10C-ME60 6
Flexstar plus Select Adjuvant Study. 03-19B 10
Glyphosate plus Select Adjuvant Study. 03-24B-E30 15
Glyphosate plus Crop Booster Tankmixes. 03-2A-ME70 18
Enhance Foliar Fertilizer in Soybean. 03-22-MN20 23
Agzyme on Corn. 03-20B-N40 27
Agzyme on Soybean. 03-22-N20 30
Comparison of "Full Load" Glyphosate Formulations in Roundup Ready Corn - Waterhemp. 03-52-M70 33
Comparison of "Full Load" Glyphosate Formulations in Roundup Ready Soybean. 03-21S-MME60 38
Evaluation of Roundup Ready Soybean Tolerance to Formulations of Glyphosate. 03-20A-W110 43
Evaluation of Roundup Ready Corn Tolerance to Formulations of Glyphosate. 03-20B-S180 47
AMS Replacements Protocol. 03-2B-W60 51
AMS Rate Titration with Glyphosate. 03-21S-MW70 56
Influence of Glyphosate Formulation on Herbicide Drift. 03-WT-Glyph-form 61
Influence of Glyphosate Rate and GPA on Herbicide Drift. 03-WT-Glyph-rate 64
Time of Day Effects with Glyphosate. 03-26C 68
Glyphosate Rate and Application Volume Effects on Drift Reduction Nozzles and Agents. 03-50W-M120 73
Commercial vs. Small Plot Herbicide Applications. 03-Baechle 78
GPA and MPH Factorial. 03-51E-M180 82
Comparison of Drift Control Nozzles. 03-21S-W30 89
Drift Control Agents with Glyphosate. 03-21S-MMW80 94

2003 Weed Research Annual Report, PSGA, SIUC