EPP and PRE Corn Herbicide Comparison. 03-21N-E200 169
Preemergence Balance Pro Comparisons. 03-10B-MW110 173
Preemergence Lumax and Camix Comparisons. 03-10B-ME80 177
Buctril + atrazine combinations with Callisto. 03-10B-W100 180
Option and Equip for Johnsongrass Control. 03-ARC24C-N90 185
Option and Equip Tankmixtures. 03-50E-MS90 190
Postemergence Applications of Define plus Liberty and Option. 03-50E-S40 195
Cinch and Cinch ATZ Postemergence Timings. 03-50E-MN130 200
Aim Tank-Mix with Glyphosate in Roundup Ready Corn. 03-52-ME20 206
Common Cocklebur and Giant Foxtail Control in Roundup Ready Corn. 03-21M-W100 211
Steadfast plus Yukon for Yellow Nutsedge Control. 03-2C-M30 216
Single and Sequential Herbicide Applications in Corn. 03-21N-W200 220
Sequential Herbicide Program Comparisons in Corn - I. 03-6A-W110 227
Sequential Herbicide Program Comparisons in Corn - II. 03-6A-M120 234
Atrazine-free Corn Programs. 03-6A-E70 243
Control of Volunteer Horseradish in Corn. 03-17-E80 249
Control of PPO-resistant waterhemp in a soybean/corn rotation. 03-PPO-SBCN 252
Effect of Nitrogen on Common Waterhemp Control in Corn. 03-51W-S80 256
DuPont Roundup Ready Corn Offerings. 03-52-E110 262

2003 Weed Research Annual Report, PSGA, SIUC