Adjuvant Studies, Corn or Soybean
Water Conditioning Efficacy with Loaded Glyphosate Products - United Suppliers 05-22-M90 1
Water Conditioning Efficacy with Unloaded Glyphosate - United Suppliers 05-22-N50 8
Water Conditioning Agents - Agriliance 05-2C-ME60 12
Glyphosate NIS Study 05-2A-E70 16
Adjuvant Evaluation for Select plus Glyphosate Combinations 05-5D-M130 19
Growmark AMS Replacement Study 05-10C-W110 21
AMS Replacement Study - Precision Labs 05-22-S110 24
AMS Replacement Study for Option 05-ARC-3-E80 29
Replace Adjuvant Study in Corn 05-ARC-5 31
Oil Adjuvant Comparison with Option 05-ARC-3-W110 34
Liberty Adjuvant Study in Corn 05-51W-N60 36
Liberty AMS Replacement study - Duke WCA 05-52-ME40 39

2005 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC