Corn, Tilled Weed Control Studies
Weed Management for Conventional Corn 05-24B-E100 132
Bayer Corn Herbicide Programs 05-51W-MS80 139
Acetochlor Plus Atrazine Mixtures with Mesotrione 05-10B-E170 143
Acetochlor Plus Atrazine Mixtures with Isoxaflutole 05-10B-W160 147
MANA Acetochlor Evaluation 05-52-MW80 151
MANA Acetochlor Plus Atrazine Premix 05-51W-MN90 153
Evaluation of Soil Herbicides in Roundup Ready II Corn 05-19B 156
Lexar Comparisons in Corn 05-50E-M110 160
Radius Comparisions in Corn - 1 05-52-W50 168
Radius Comparisions in Corn - 2 05-21N-M120 171
Parallel Plus Ratio and Rate Comparisons 05-21N-W150 174
Impact Corn Herbicide Evaluation 05-24B-W40 177
Liberty Plus Callisto Tank Mixtures 05-51W-S70 181
Postemergence Application Timing in Glyphosate-Resistant Corn 05-6A-E110 184
Comparison of Application Timings of Mesotrione and Glyphosate Based Products 05-6A-W190 188
Weed Management in Glyphosate-Resistant Corn 05-6C 195
Late-Season Vine Control in Corn 05-50E-N30 207
Control of PPO-Resistant Waterhemp in a Soybean/Corn Rotation 05-PPO-SBCN 209
Corn Response to Different Postemergence Herbicides 05-WF-SE-S120 214
The Effect of Cumulative Stresses on Corn Yield 05-WF-SE-N100 216

2005 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC