Corn or Soybean Fungicide Studies
Headline Evaluation in Corn 05-WF-SE-M70 414
Soybean Variety by Fungicide Study 05-20A-W250 416
Headline Rate and Timing Study in Soybean 05-4-W70 421
Interaction of Soybean Fungicides and Insecticides with Glyphosate 05-BP-Glyph-Int 423
Headline Application Technologies Study in Soybean 05-BP-HeadApplic 430
General Fungicide Evaluation 05-BP-GenFung 435
Cheminova Asian Soybean Rust Study - 1 05-BP-Cheminova 442
Cheminova Asian Soybean Rust Study - 2 05-BP-Cheminova-2 446
Bayer Fungicides Evaluations in Soybean 05-BP-Bayer 449
Interaction of Soybean Fungicides with Raptor and Flexstar 05-BP-RapFlex-Int 452
General Adjuvant by Nozzle Evaluation for Fungicides on Soybean 05-BP-GenAdjvant 455
Agriliance Adjuvants for Foliar Fungicides in Soybean 05-21S-W30 460
North Central Frogeye Project 05-BP-NCFrogeye 462
North Central Frogeye Project at Tamms 05-Tamms-NCFrogeye 467

2005 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC