Soybean, Tilled Weed Control Studies
General Herbicide Evaluation in Soybean 05-21S-MME60 221
KIH-485 Evaluation in Soybean 05-10C-M60 228
Valor and Gangster in Roundup Ready Soybean 05-10C-E120 231
Impact of Glyphosate Failure on Soybean 05-21S-ME60 234
Glyphosate tank-mixtures with micro-nutrients 05-21S-MMW50 239
Evaluation of Roundup Ready Soybean Tolerance to Formulations of Glyphosate 05-4-E120 242
Harmony GT plus Classic Tank Mixtures with Glyphosate 05-2A-M60 244
Control of Volunteer Roundup Ready Corn with V-10137 and V-10139 05-5D-S70 248
Control of Large Volunteer Corn 05-10A-M30 250
Control of Small Volunteer Corn 05-21-MN-alley 252
Soybean Variety by Weed Management Study 05-50W-S260 254
The Effect of Variety, Planting Date, and Weed Height on Weed Control and Grain Yield of Roundup Ready Soybean 05-2A-W270 275
A14972A Evaluation on PPO-Resistant Waterhemp - Study 1 05-Hug 289
A14972A Evaluation on PPO-Resistant Waterhemp - Study 2 05-Carlyle 292

2005 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC