Corn, Tilled Weed Control Studies
General Corn Herbicide Programs Comparison. 11-21M-W70 76
Anthem Preemergence and Early Postemergence Evaluation in Corn. 11-T1-S160 86
Dow Preplant and Preemergence Residual Corn Programs. 11-11A-W55 98
Rimsulfuron and Mesotrione Combinations in Corn. 11-2B-W90 104
Non-Atrazine Programs in Roundup Ready Corn. 11-50E-S110 108
One-Pass Weed Control Systems in Corn. 11-2B-M100 115
Two-Pass Herbicide Programs in Corn - I. 11-2B-ME70 123
Two-Pass Herbicide Programs in Corn - II. 11-2B-E75 135
Syngenta ICS Corn Trial. 11-52-E205 144
BASF Corn Demonstration. 11-22-N190 151
Fierce Demonstration in Corn. 11-5A 157
Realm Q Evaluation in Corn. 11-2B-MW90 159
Impact Sequential Programs in Corn. 11-50E-MS50 169
MANA Metolachlor plus Atrazine Formulations. 11-5D 175
Corn Tolerance to Warrant Applied at Three Postemergence Timings. 11-20A-ME70 178
Postemergence Applications of Pyroxasulfone and Glyphosate in Corn. 11-11A-MW30 181
Soil Insecticide with Safened SU Herbicides. 11-20A-E100 184
Corn Herbicides: Lethal Dose versus Cut Rates Demonstration - Syngenta. 11-21N-E70 188
Weed Control by N Rate Corn Study. 11-2C 194
Corn Hybrid Sensitivity to ALS Herbicides. 11-ARC-N8-N120 198
Genuity VT2P versus Competitors - Demonstration. 11-ARC-N8-S220 201

2011 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC