Miscellaneous, Including Alfalfa and Wheat
Evaluation of Crop Safety and Weed Efficacy in Roundup Ready Alfalfa. 11-7-W190 464
Imidacloprid Seed Treatment for Aphid Control in Winter Wheat - Chemtura 11-ARC-20-N50 488
Powerflex Grass and Broadleaf Weed Control in Wheat. 11-ARC-4 492
Olympus Flex in Wheat. 11-ARC-9-M 510
Axiom Plus Osprey in Winter Wheat. 11-ARC-9-W90 513
Wild Garlic Control and Winter Wheat Tolerance with Spring Applications of Powerflex and Competitive Standards. 11-HRC-H6-Dow 516
Evaluation of DuPont Harmony Extra plus other Actives for Control of Broadleaf Weeds. 11-HRC-H6-DuPont 521

2011 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC