Soybean, Tilled Weed Control Studies
General Soybean Herbicide Program Comparison. 12-TIC-S90 186
Fierce Demonstration in Soybean. 12-21N-E70 194
DuPont Crop Protection Demonstration in Soybean. 12-21N-ME80 198
Syngenta ICS Soybean Trial. 12-WF-SW 204
FMC Residuals Preemergence and Early Postemergence in Soybean. 12-T1-S100 232
Liberty Link Soybean Product Concepts. 12-2B-W60 244
Fierce and Fierce XLT Evaluation in Soybean. 12-51W-M80 253
Alert Preemergence in Soybean. 12-22-S80 260
Liberty Herbicide Tolerance and Yield Implications in Liberty Link Soybean. 12-2B-E95 268
Efficacy of CHA-044 Postemergence in Soybean. 12-2B-MMW50 273
Efficacy of CHA-044 Preemergence in Soybean. 12-2B-MW40 282
Soybean Response to Glyphosate Tank-Mixtures: Early Planting Date- May 1. 12-3-W240 289
Soybean Response to Glyphosate Tank-Mixtures: Late Planting Date- June 15. 12-3-E265 308
Residual Herbicide Tank-Mixtures: Weed Free Study - SIU. 12-9B-N270 327

2012 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC