Wheat Fungicide Trial. 12-4-W100 383
Foilar Fungicides in Wheat. 12-6B 388
Evaluation of Herbicides for Grass Control in Winter Wheat. 12-ARC-13-E50 395
Metsulfuron in Wheat. 12-20B-N110 403
Broad Spectrum Grass and Broadleaf Weed Control with PowerFlex in Winter Wheat. 12-20B-S110 407
Broadleaf Weed Control in Winter Wheat - Marestail 12-ARC-25-S60 416
Annual Bluegrass. 12-ARC-13-W70 428
Fall-Applied Residual Herbicides in Winter Wheat followed by Soybean Double-Crop - Marestail. 12-ARC-25-N60 437

2012 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC