Corn Weed Control Studies
No-Till Corn Burndown Trial - Syngenta. 16-6B 1
Bayer Corn Herbicide Demonstration. 16-21M-ME40 8
Corn One-Pass Mid-Postemergence Weed Control - Bayer. 16-21M-E50 30
Corn One-Pass Early Postemergence Weed Control - Bayer. 16-21M-MME60 43
One-Pass Preemergence Corn Weed Control Trial. 16-21M-MMME30 63
Two-Pass and Postemergence Weed Control Trial - Syngenta . 16-21M-MMMW30 68
Crop Protection Market Development - Corn. 16-19B 78
Corn Weed Control Programs Showcase. 16-21M-W120 97
Corn One-Pass versus Two-Pass Herbicide Systems Demonstration - BASF. 16-26C 116
Corn One-Pass Late-Postemergence Proof of Concept - Bayer. 16-2A-W90 122
Enlist Corn Weed Control Systems, Two-Pass and One-Pass Compared to Commercial Standards. 16-8A 133
Solstice Programs. 16-21M-MMW30 144
Anthem / Anthem ATZ Full Sales. 16-21M-MW40 156
Acuron for Control of Palmer Amaranth. 16-COL-Syngenta-Cor3 169
Resicore Preemergence or Preemergence plus Postemergence or Early Postemergence in Corn. 16-COL-Dow-K001 175
Acuron Bareground Trial. 16-11B-E60 183
Acuron versus Resicore Crop Safety Trial. 16-11C-E90 190
SU/Dicamba Blend (DPX-TEX26) Applied in Spring for Burndown and Residual Control of Winter Annuals. 16-DSO-DPX-002 196

2016 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC