Soybean Weed Control Studies
Scepter Tank Mixtures for Early Preplant in No-Till Soybean. 16-6C 203
Fierce Plus Dicamba Burndown EPP17 - Valent. 16-DSO-Valent-6406-North 213
Fierce Plus Dicamba Burndown EPP5 - Valent. 16-DSO-Valent-6406-South 219
Evaluation of Marestail Burndown with Liberty Tank-Mixes and Liberty Rates. 16-DSO-BAYER-WGJ 226
Marestail and Waterhemp Control in No-Till Enlist Soybeans with Burndown plus Residual. 16-DSO-Dow-E005 234
Preemergence Weed Control in Soybean with Fierce XLT, Authority XL, and Surveil. 16-1-MMW30 242
Dicamba in No-Till Two-Pass DuPont Programs for RR2X Soybeans. 16-DSO-DPX-130 249
Soybean Herbicide Showcase from Dow and Syngenta versus Competitors. 16-1-MW80 259
Syngenta Programs for RR2 Xtend Soybeans. 16-2B-MW50 274
Sonic Followed by Enlist Duo compared to Glyphosate or Glufosinate Based Programs. 16-50E-N130 291
Two-Pass Herbicide Programs for Xtend Soybeans - DuPont. 16-2B-W50 301
Weed Control with Engenia in RR2 Xtend Soybeans - BASF. 16-24B 313
Syngenta Overlapping Residuals RR2 and LL Soybean. 16-1-M130 324
Liberty Link Soybean Tolerance and Weed Control with New Rates of Liberty and Tank-Mixes. 16-DSO-Bayer-WGK 339
Palmer Amaranth Control with Cobra plus Liberty. 16-COL-Valent-6401 356
PPO-Resistant Waterhemp Strategies in Liberty Link Soybeans. 16-PPO-LL-SB 361
PPO-Resistant Waterhemp Strategies in Roundup Ready Soybean. 16-PPO-RR-SB 375
BOLT Technology Herbicide Programs - Southern USA. 16-11A-E110 389
Weed Control in Liberty Link Soybean with Fierce, Fierce XLT or Authority Elite. 16-1-ME40 400
Scepter Postemergence Tank-Mixes for Residual Weed Control in Liberty Link Soybean. 16-1-MME40 415
Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Control with Two-Pass Programs. 16-COL-TwoPass 424
Scepter Tank-Mixes for Control of Volunteer Corn in Roundup Ready Xtend Soybeans. 16-10B-E90 432
Volunteer Corn Control in RR2 Xtend Soybeans with SelectMax and Dicamba. 16-10B-W240 437
Effect of Soil Herbicides on Roundup Ready 2 Soybeans Under Weed-Free Conditions. 16-NF-N 443
Effect of Three-Way Tank-Mixes on Weed Control when Soil-Applied in RR2Y Soybean. 16-52-E130 453
Effect of Three-Way Tank-Mixes on Weed Control when Soil-Applied in LL Soybean. 16-52-ME130 462
Glyphosate-Susceptible Palmer Amaranth Control with Two-Pass Programs. 16-9B-N170 471
Effect of Nozzles on Palmer Amaranth Control with Liberty Tank-Mixed with Dicamba or 2,4-D. 16-9B-S130 484
Preemergence Herbicide Screen for Control of Palmer Amaranth - Non-Crop. 16-COL-TRCR 489

2016 Weed Research Annual Report, PSAS, SIUC