Weed Science at Southern Illinois University

   Weed Research Annual Report, 2015

   Table of Contents
   General Statement

   Adjuvant Studies in Soybean
   No-Till Soybean Weed Control Studies
   Corn, Tilled Weed Control Studies
   Soybean, Tilled Weed Control Studies
   Miscellaneous, Including Alfalfa, Non-crop, and Auxin Tolerance
   Glyphosate-Resistant Waterhemp, Palmer, or Marestail Control

   Index of Weeds
by Common Names
   Index of Weeds
by Five Letter Codes
   Index of Herbicides (and other pesticides)
   Index of Adjuvants
   Index of Crops
   Index of Other Experimental Details
   Index of Project Codes
   Index of Protocols
   Illinois Climate Network Monthly Summaries

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